Benjamin Fabrics & Apparel

Benjamin Fabrics & Apparel has been providing technical solutions since 1983. We take great pride in understanding your business and recommending solutions that make sense technically, economically and operationally.

We stay up to date on technological advances as they become available and develop our own technical solutions in both fabrics & apparel. If you have a quality issue that you cannot solve? Call us

We select the best techniques to solve a problem and help you take advantage of your opportunities.Benjamin Fabrics & Apparel pursues its 21st century vision of becoming a true global supplier of fabrics & apparel through it’s innovative products and services.

All our staff has the responsibility and authority to do whatever it takes to make every project a success. With an empathetic approach we aim to fulfill all of our clients expectations. Our average client has been with us for more than ten years and several for the lifetime of the company.

About Benjamin Fabrics